New Zealand farmers grow the best crossbred wool in the world and it is sought after by manufacturers worldwide for a variety of uses, such as its colour, strength, repeatability etc.

We believe it makes sense for the wool grown here to be scoured in New Zealand as we are experts in processing crossbred wool. 

Our contribution is positive to the New Zealand economy as we provide strategic facilities that support the local farmers and benefits flow through to the farming communities.   

This is what we stand for

We believe in what we do and have a passion for all things wool.  We pride ourselves on providing world leading services to our local customers and others throughout the world. 

What more can we say?  We love wool!

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IWTO 07: Recycling & Wool

IWTO is the International Wool Textile Organisation.

Supporting our local teams

Whilst most of New Zealand Wool Scouring’s sponsorship is centred around the wool industry good activities such as the Golden Shears, Speed Shearing and wool industry promotional events, we do...