Louise Winhall

27th November 2017

Seventeen members of our team graduated from the Leadership Development course run by Julie Rowlands of Staples Rodway last week.

The course was run over a 12-month period and involved leaders from Hawkes Bay Woolscourers and Canterbury Woolscourers.  The content of the course comprised leadership styles, communication and conflict resolution and real issues were discussed and resolved during the workshops.

As part of the curriculum, each leader had to develop and present a project of their choosing that would improve efficiencies or bring value to the company.  Amongst the projects were staff training and retention initiatives, improvements to current equipment and trouble-shooting staff rostering changes as well as wool training and education.

Feedback from our team was positive with reported increases in soft skills and a better understanding of each other's roles, learning preferences and leadership styles.

We look forward to implementing our new skills and cooperating more in a supportive team environment in addition to bringing some of the ideas presented to fruition.


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