Louise Winhall

8th December 2017

People often ask why they should buy a wool product instead of a synthetic one.  Research has been done into the benefits of why wool is a superior fibre.  

Because of its natural properties, wool is an ideal material for use in clothing, insulation and carpets.

Some of the benefits of wool are listed below:

* It is a natural fibre

* Wool is biodegradable and, upon disposal, slowly releases nutrients back into the soil

* Science supports that wool bedding promotes a better night's sleep, probably due to its breathability and moisture wicking properties

* It is naturally fire resistant and doesn't melt so won't stick to skin in the event of a fire

* The outer layer of the fibre makes wool stain resistant as dirt sits on the surface and isn't absorbed

* Wool doesn't collect static so doesn't attract dust, creating an anti-allergenic state


An article in AgBrief highlights another use for wool products: Dana McKenzie launched wool yoga mats at OM Yoga in London as the natural fibre is in sync with the tenets of yoga. 

For more information on the article, see AgBrief, Volume 17, No 42.


Wool News have also detailed why a wool carpet is superior to synthetic carpet:



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